Rentals & Services


After sales services

Ortovox DVA update25 CHF
Mammut avalanche transceiver update and technical control50 CHF
DVA Element and Pulse Technical Control20 CHF
Update Pulse DVA30 CHF
Resinning climbing shoeà partir de 75 CHF
Trekking shoe resolingà partir de 130 CHF
Resoling mountain shoeà partir de 180 CHF
Waxing20 CHF
Snowboard service80 CHF
Big Ski Service80 CHF
Small Ski Service60 CHF
100% brand new shell molding80 CHF
100% Thermo re-molding80 CHF
Custom sole molding60 CHF
Sale shoe molding50 CHF
Bootfitting hull length50 CHF
Heel width bootfitting30 CHF
Internal mallelola bootfitting30 CHF
Kick height bootfitting30 CHF
External malleolus bootfitting30 CHF
Metatarsal height bootfitting30 CHF
Bootfitting heel wedge (without material)25 CHF
Hallux bootfitting25 CHF
Internal face bootfitting25 CHF
Bootfitting metatarsal width25 CHF
Bootfitting external width rear25 CHF
Bootfitting external width front25 CHF
Shell molding – material purchased elsewhere180 CHF
Rivet15 CHF
Internal malleolus reinforcement (without material)15 CHF
Scaphoid tongue15 CHF
Various modifications (hourly rate 120.-)120 CHF
100% Thermo molding100 CHF
Cutting elastic tabs10 CHF
Heel lift (without hardware)10 CHF
Displacement of loops (without drilling)10 CHF
Re-sizing of skins70 CHF
Binding movement – shoe purchase60 CHF
Skin cutting – material purchased elsewhere60 CHF
Hot waxing30 CHF
Disassembly and reassembly – equipment purchased elsewhere120 CHF
Adjustment of bindings with displacement120 CHF
Editing – material purchased elsewhere120 CHF
Adjusting the bindings12 CHF
Snowpulse / Mammut cartridge exchange20 CHF
Replacement of the ABS cartridge39 CHF
Ice screw sharpeningà partir de 10 CHF/pièce
Crampons sharpeningà partir de 40 CHF
Ice ax sharpeningà partir de 10 CHF